Wi-Fi is a Passion


Overview - WIDS and WIPS

As you probably know, there are multiple attacks possible in the wireless world. To detect and prevent those attacks there are monitor tools like a wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS). The best solution for attacks is to prevent them. With wir... <read more>

WIDS and WIPS analysis and monitoring

In the overview WIDS/WIPS blog, I wrote of four analysis methods from the server used to collect data:
- Signature analysis looks for patterns.
- Behaviour analysis looks for anomalies.
- Protocol analysis analyses the MAC layer... <read more>

Rogue detection and mitigation

A WIDS/WIPS can do device classification and recognize devices such as access points, client stations, and ad hoc clients, as long as those devices are within range of the sensors. When the devices are scanned and recognized the devices will be class... <read more>

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