Wi-Fi is a Passion


2.4GHz is not dead

There are many discussions on the internet over whether 2.4GHz is dead or not. My opinion is that it is not dead at all. Should it be used by some applications like voice over Wi-Fi? No. But with having more devices that want to connect with the inte... <read more>

Wi-Fi Home Design

Wi-Fi Alliance, the organisation that certifies products, but also helps with other programs like WPA and WPA2 to replace WEP, came with a new program called Wi-Fi Home Design.

Wi-Fi has become more and more important in companies, but... <read more>

Wireless a shared medium with a high throughput?

It is not something new, wireless is using a shared medium. Having a shared medium is a problem, as you share it with others. Every new 802.11 standard comes with a faster network. I saw the news release of 802.11ac with up to 6.93 Gbit/s. When you w... <read more>

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