Wi-Fi is a Passion


Security - WPA2-Enterprise

In a previous blog, I mentioned the differences between personal and enterprise security. Personal uses a Pre-Shared Key and enterprise uses the 802.1X framework for authentication. It doesn’t matter that we are using Open System Authentication... <read more>

Security - WPA2-Personal

Since these blogposts are preparing for my CWAP, there will be no blogpost about WPA-personal. This blog is how to identify WPA2-personal in the frames, during which I’ll point out the differences between WPA/WPA2 and Personal/Enterprise. There... <read more>

Overview - Authentication

I am not yet studying for CWSP, but for CWAP, it is necessary to understand the frames when a client connects to an access point. If something goes wrong in the authentication/association you need to understand how to troubleshoot. Before starting wi... <read more>

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