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RF Math (2)

The second blog about RF Math is about calculation dBm to mW and mW to dBm. The rules from the 10s and the 3s still apply, but you need to change the mindset.

A new basic rule is that 0 dBm is equal to 1 mW. With the rules of 10 and ru... <read more>

RF Math (1)

If you ask me what one of my favorite subjects was in high school, I’d definitely pick math. When I did the CWNA training I loved the math part and now during my preparation of CWAP, I’m getting a review of math. I believe not everybody i... <read more>

Wires?!? It is a wireless training

For a training that is all about wireless, it was very interesting to see how many wired cables there were. I found myself wondering how many people there are who think that wireless is only wireless (and I won’t be surprised if that also inclu... <read more>

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