Wi-Fi is a Passion


Designing for roaming

There are three types of roaming ways:
- Layer 2 roaming across access points with one or no controller (intracontroller roaming)
- Layer 2 roaming across access points with separate controllers (intercontroller ro... <read more>

Designing for security

Security is a hot item, and with wireless, also, an important item to think about is how you are going to implement security in a wireless network. Are you going to use passphrases, RADIUS, and what type of EAP and encryption will you select?
... <read more>

Designing for other wireless features

Quality of Service (QoS)
As mentioned previously in other blogs with voice and video communication, QoS is an essential technology to implement. QoS needs to be end-to-end, so that means you also need to implement QoS at the wired netwo... <read more>

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