Wi-Fi is a Passion


Preparation CWSP

Hereby my plan of action for preparing for Certified Wireless Security Professional.

This exam is very theoretic based. Need to know the different type of handshakes, roaming methods and EAP types. Knowing the protocol analysis from this helps to understand the why behind the theory.

Those requirements are based on CWSP-205 and the books that I used for preparation are the Sybex book and the Certitrek book.

Wireless Network Attacks and Threat Assessment 20%
Chapter 2: Wireless Security Challenges
Legacy Authentication
Legacy Encryption
Legacy Security
Network Attacks

Security Policy 5%
Chapter 3: Security Policy
Security Policies

Wireless LAN Security Design and Architecture 50%
Chapter 1: Security Fundamentals
Overview - Security

Chapter 5: Authentication and Key Management
Authentication and Key Management

Chapter 6: Encryption
Encryption Methods
Overview - Encryption

Chapter 7: Security Design Scenarios
WLAN Security Infrastructures Architectures
WLAN Security Infrastructures terms
WLAN Security Infrastructures VPN and Management

Chapter 8: Secure Roaming
Fast BSS Transition
Fast Secure Roaming
Key Caching
Overview - Roaming

Monitoring and Management 25%
Chapter 4: Authentication
Overview - Authentication
EAP Authentication
Overview - LDAP and RADIUS
PSK Authentication
per-user PSK and SAE

Chapter 9: Network Monitoring
Rogue detection and mitigation
WIDS and WIPS analysis and monitoring
Overview - WIDS and WIPS