Wi-Fi is a Passion


Wireless a shared medium with a high throughput?

It is not something new, wireless is using a shared medium. Having a shared medium is a problem, as you share it with others. Every new 802.11 standard comes with a faster network. I saw the news release of 802.11ac with up to 6.93 Gbit/s. When you w... <read more>

Preparation CWAP

Hereby my plan of action for preparing for Certified Wireless Analysis Professional.

You need to understand the exam objects and not remembering questions. What the hard part is about analyzing wireless problems, you cannot learn it fr... <read more>

Common Wireless issues

Probably you would not believe it, but there are common wireless issues/limitations as well.

Insufficient Capacity
Think about networks with mixed PHYs. When there is an HT only network and an ERP client is going to asso... <read more>

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